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Densah in the Blogs

Curious to see how doctors are using their Densah Burs? Read posts

“Osseodensification. 4-month Re-Entry of a Densah Sinus Lift & Ridge Expansion” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_3D-Molar-PET“3D Molar PET with OD sinus Lift” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Extraction-GBR“Extraction/GBR/SINUS LIFT” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Immediate-Implant“Immediate Implant Placement with Osseodensifacation Sinus Lift” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar_PET_Compromised“Crestal Sinus Approach with Hydrodynamic and Densah protocols” Dr. Maurice Salama from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar_PET_Compromised“Crestal Lift with Densah Burs—My thought!” Emil DDS from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar_PET_Compromised“Delayed Implant placement with Osseodensification Sinus lift”Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar_PET_Compromised“Molar PET/Sinus Lift in a Compromised Site” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Sinus-lift-4mm-Ridge“Densah Sinus lift in the 4mm Ridge” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Densah_Sinus_Lift_Osseo“Densah Sinus Lift Utilizing Osseodensification” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar-xtraction“Molar xtraction/Sinus Lift/Oseodensification” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_What-Can-Go-Wrong“Densah Bur, What Can Go Wrong” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
“Immediate Implant Osseodensification Site Preparation and Sinus Lift” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Sinus_Lift_Emil2“Sinus Lift with Densah Drills from Versah” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Sinus_Lift_Emil3“Immediate Placement with Sinus Lift –Densah Drills” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Full_Mandible2“Full Mandible Implant Placement: 3 SS op. Flap and the use of Densah Bur” Dr. Jorge Compos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Steep_Floor“Osseodensification Facilitates Sinus Autografting in Steep Foor Anatomy” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Crestal_Lift“Versah Osseodensification Crestal Sinus Lift” Dr. David Lipton from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Densah_Sinus_Lift“DENSAH Lift” Dr. Rodrigo Neiva from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Steep_Floor“CBCT–Densah Burs–With Verbanstop–No Need for a CTgenerated Guide” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Crest_Expansion2“3-Year follow-up Mandibular Ridge Expansion utilizing Osseodensification” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Crest_Expansion2“Guided Expansion Graft with Densah Burs Utilizing Osseodensification” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Crest_Expansion2“Crest Expansion with the use of the Densah Bur” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Ridge_Split“Ridge Split with Piezo and Versah Burs” Dr. Isaac Tawil from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Molar_Implant“Immediate Molar Implant Placement Using Densah Burs” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
“Densah Bone Expanders/Densifier” Dr. Joe Martorana from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Molar_Implant“Immedaite Placement using Densah Burs” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
“#14—-Megagen Anyridge with Densah Drills” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
“#7-10 Implants 8-9 Staged approach” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
“For those of you using Bone Expansion Kits…” Dr. Josh Fowler from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post
DentalXP_Full_Mandible2“#9 Tight – Expansion Needed – I Choose Densah Drills…” Dr. Emil Verban from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post
DentalXP_Full-Mandible-Implant “Full mandible implant Placement: 2 SS and Densah Burs” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Shielding-Better-Result “A Case Before Socket Shield—Would Shielding Give a Better Result?” Emil DDS from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Socket-Shield-Bridge “Socket Shield bridge finished” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_PET_upper “PET upper first molar: possibility of maintaining the palatal root” Dr. Armando Ponzi from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_My_first_PET “My First PET” Dr. R. Terry Councill from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_SS_Open_Flap “Socket Shield Open Flap results at 3 months” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_DSD_Guided_Implant “DSD, Guided Implant Placement, PET, Densah. Full Upper Implant Bridge. Part 1” Dr. Anton Andrews from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Socket-Shield-plus-Osseo “Socket Shield plus Osseodensified DFDBA with Immediate Provisional” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Crest_Expansion2“Socket Shield plus osseodensified DFBA” Dr. Jorge Campos from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Long_Axis2“Socket Shield with Osseodensification” Dr. Salah Huwais from DentalXP Forum
Dentaltown_Immediate-Placement“Immediate Placement with Immediate Provisional—Legacy 3—Densah Burs” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown
DentalXP_Pet-Perspective-11“Pet Perspective / Densah Case 11” Dr. Rocco Mele from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_9-Weeks-Staring-Densah“9 1/2 Weeks Staring Densah Bur” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Versah-Drill-Daily“Versah drill on daily dental implantology” Dr. Armando Ponzi from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_OD-Immediate-Setal-Bone“OD Immediate Implant in Setal Bone” Dr. Charles Schwimer from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Immediate-Placement“Immediate Placement–Densah Bur” Emil DDS from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Awaiting_Densah“Awaiting for the densah drill” Dr. Armando Ponzi from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Pet-Perspective-Densah“Pet Perspective / Densah 6 Week Follow-Up” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Universal-CT“Universal CT Generated Guide” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Long_Axis2“#12 Immediate Placement ——Densah Burs” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Long_Axis2“Densah Drills. Stop Looking for the Markings –Focus on the Long Axis” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
DentalXP_Preserve_Bone“Densah Drills——Preserve the Bone!” Dr. Emil Verban from DentalXP Forum
“Densah Drills—-Osseodensification and Shift in Thinking” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Full_Mandible2“Densah Drills—-Why I like them!” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Preserve_Bone“Another Densah Drill Case” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
“#3 Immediate Placement” Dr. Emil Verban from Dentaltown Forum
DentalXP_Long_Axis2“Verban Drill Stops in a Guided Application” Dr. Marc Thomas from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post
DentalXP_Preserve_Bone“Fully Guided Surgery with Densah Burs” Dr. Farhad Boltchi from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post
DentalXP_Preserve_Bone“A Second Case Using Densah Burs” Dr. Emil Verban from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post
“Densah Burs Very Good” Dr. Emil Verban from Cerec Forum* *A Cerec membership is required to view this post